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Clovis lie detector test

The only Fresno
lie detector exam
administered by a
polygraph expert
with more than 30
years experience

Following Federal
guidelines, no real
polygraph exam
in Fresno or nearby
can contain more
than 4 questions
of importance

Fresno California lie detection

San Joaquin

Why do you need
a lie detector test
in Fresno CA?
1. Relationship
2. Theft or loss
3. Immigration
4. Hiring
5. Child abuse
6. Substance abuse
7. He Said /
She Said

the Fresno lie detector service

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Fresno County polygraph test

View the credentials
of the Fresno
polygraph examiner
who has tested
since the 1980s

Fresno lie detector
tests are most
accurate if the
1 to 4 client
questions are:
A) 3 to 19 words
each question
B) Yes or No
C) No 'ands',
'ors' or commas

relationship polygraph in Fresno

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Freno polygraph
exam are less than
those of examiners
with less than half
our experience!

lie-detector tests
are available
7 days a week

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