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Polygraph test in Los Angeles area
Los Angeles polygraph examination

  Most honest Los Angeles polygraph examiner  san fernando valley polygraph test
Yes, testing from TV's 'Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down Polygraph Guy'!

certified polygraph examiner in Los Angeles$145 Los Angeles polygraph test for a complete computerized polygraph examination! Los Angeles polygraph xperience 
polygraph san fernando valley

** We have conducted more than 8000 examinations **

Encino lie-detector  polygraph price secrets

-- Male and female polygraph examiners --

   polygraph appointment 7-days with John Grogan in Los Angeles   instant results with a computer polygraph

At $145, we don't gouge you--
and that makes some other examiners VERY mad!
And we can include a FREE practice test chart,
which clearly determines the testing suitability

Polygraph open 7 days in Los Angeles area

How a polygraph works

That's us you've lie detector test in Orange County seen on TV!

IMMEDIATE Pass or Fail computerized polygraph examination results

Calabasas lie detector      polygraph test for the public      mobile lie-detection in the San Fernando Valley

Our relationship and theft polygraph tests are fully available to the public
certified polygraph examination San Fernando Valley ngelesLos A
Certified Polygraph Examiner / Certified Polygraph Examinations

Glendora polygraph test
Santa Monica polygraph examination

Options include other polygraph examiners with various

request a Los Angeles polygraph test day or night
specialties, experience levels, languages, availability and areas

Calabasas lie detector test

Glendora polygraph test  Westlake Village polygraph test  Glendora polygraph test

San Bernardino polygraph lie detection

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lie-detector San Bernardino   Rialto polygraph   $145 Los Angeles polygraph test
need price on a Los Angeles polygraph test

I need a lie-detector test in Los Angeles

Need a polygraph test in Glendora California


1. When the 'recession' came and many people could no longer afford

a $395 polygraph test, we made our prices $145 instead.

2. No other local examiner made such a price discount.
That was their choice. Many went out of business.
Many barely do any exams per week anymore.

3. Some desperate Examiners instead tried lying to customers
by telling them that they would get a better test if they paid more.

4. But the customers figured out the truth:
it's all computerized,
and the polygraph equipment doesn't care how much was paid

If failed a polygraph test we can give a second opinion

polygraph test for probation

Ventura polygraph testEncino lie-detector testing

polygraph test
  polygraph tests in Los Angeles California  polygraph examinertv POLYGRAPH
most honest polygraph testing in Los Angeles
polygraph celebrities

San Fernando polygraph examination
$145 Los Angeles polygraph test

polygraph on TV

Yes, you've seen our work-- with more than polygraph test on TV media situations!    

Los Angeles Times polygraph            new york times polygraph

ASTM polygraph       Polygraph Examiners Of America        American Polygraph Academy

ONLY American Polygraph Association, PEOA, ASTM, Federal and more approved techniques are used

Need us for a legal matter?
Our polygraph tests have been used for court.

los angeles polygraph in court   professional polygraph examiner for Los Angeles court testify polygraph in Los Angeles court

lie detector test in Costa Mesa California

TV shows have so often used us for testing
that we pop up in unusual places!

polygraph in Northridge CA

Lowest price polygraph test in California

polygraph Van Nuyspolygraph test Resedapolygraph test Canoga Park

Price secrets that some other
polygraph examiners don't want you to know!

find lowest price on polygraph test Polygraph test in Los Angeles for $145
certified polygraph examiner in Los Angeles

We refused to polygraph price-fixing in California agree to the
group polygraph price-fixing agreement of $300 minimum.

So some other examiners said they would 'ruin us' with false negative
Internet reviews-- but it backfired on them. The public won instead!

Remember: the computer polygraph
doesn't know what you paid for the test!

polygraph Venicepolygraph test Hollywoodpolygraph test Compton

polygraph Encino

818 883-6969

Anaheim polygraph testSan Pedro polygraph test
Gardn Grove polygraphBuena Park polygraph test

Ventura polygraph testpolygraph test Monrovia California

Testing is usually done at our location,

mobile polygraph test
but mobile testing is also available for an extra fee.

cost of a Los Angeles lie-detector test

The most rapid-viewed polygraph video ever on YouTube!
where to get a lie detector test near Los AngelesLos Angeles California polygraph test
In 2017, more than three million people watched
this video in the first forty hours it was posted.

Same week, it surpassed four million people.
Keep reading the advice on this site; you'll
find a clickable link to watch this video.

Mature audiences only . . . .

Just some of so many many testimonials and comments! (Is your situation similar to any of these?)

SUCCESS! "After his release from Federal prison for online sex crimes, our interview got nothing from him--
then that day you got several new sex-crime admissions from our person!" - Federal probation officers

SUCCESS! "I immediately called you after an anxious woman competitor of yours bad-mouthed you
and asked me that I not call you instead of paying her more. Your results were accurate, I got to watch the testing,
we got a confession and I am extremely satified! I will be referring many others to you" - Lawyer/mother

"Despite my suspicion, my husband swore no sex with anyone else happened during our marriage.
I saw your computer show that there was no way he was telling the truth.
He stormed out swearing that he was not lying. Yet that night, he admitted to (xyz) 7 times
with an other woman, and 1 time of (xyz) with another woman, all during our marriage.
Marriage being repaired, thank you so much!" - Nurse/wife

"So glad I found you. Just so you know, a polygraph woman in another city spent more time
trying to get us to not use your LOW prices than she did to try to sell her self-- I'm a businessman,
I spotted the desperate phonyness! Important to our long marriage was that both my wife and I
prided ourselves on only sex with the other during our entire lives. We had each other tested--
she failed bad, and that night she confessed to have had intercourse with a guy in college before me."
- Tech businessman, husband/father

Free polygraph consultation Los Angeles    818 883-6969

talk show polygraph   Recognized polygraph expert John Grogan

the number one polygraph expert in Los AngelesBest polygraph examiner in Los Angeles

What Examiners How a polygraph works are watching!

1. Polygraph Examiners measure microscopic changes at at least four points
of the body while the examinee answers a series of Yes or No questions.

2. Worldwide, up to 4 questions of importance are allowed for the test.

3. For the highest accuracy, the questions of importance should be from
3 to 15 words long each, and using no 'ands', no 'ors', no 'commas'.

4. Being nervous does not affect test results-- everyone taking these tests is nervous!

5. During the 'Pre-Test', the questions of importance are
developed and discussed, and the testing process is explained.

6. The actual 'polygraphing' (the examinee's arm squeezed with a
blood-pressure cuff, answering the questions while sitting still)

is three 5-minute periods with short breaks in between each.

7. To inspire trust and to have the results be accepted by all,
the client should be allowed to quietly observe the exam while it is happening,
via various possible methods.

What is the cost of a polygraph examination in Los Angeles?

TV studios must use the best examiner due to liability reasons; you can use that same examiner!

Los Angeles lie-detector testing polygraph test Moorpark

  confidential polygraph test in Los Angeles   Polygraph Expert John Grogan    late-night polygraph appointments

With most exams, no names are required: keep it completely private.

Ventura's best polygraph

polygraph testing accuracy

Most people just need a regular polygraph examination.
For a few, there are some options available at addition cost.
Here are a few of them, call 818 883-6969 to ask for prices.

polygraph test  Claremont California

late-night polygraph testing in Los Angeles 1. Testing outside our regular hours.

2. Polygraph testing at your location. lie-detectopn test at your Los Angeles location

polygraph test in Spanish in Los Angeles 3.Polygraph testing in a language other than English.

4. Discount on a 2nd polygraph test or a 2nd person.lowest price on a Los Angeles lie-detector exam

Call 818 883-6969 to ask for prices on these above options.

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polygraph examiners badly do NOT want you to know!

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Visit HERE to learn price, time, report, & location secrets that ELEVEN
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Polygraph Los Angeles Innocence Project

What is the most common type of polygraph test?

cheating spous polygraph test in Los Angeles   relationship lie detection testing in california

Cheating in a relationship.

polygraph test with most experience
polygraph examiner experienced Los Angeles

Where can I get a polygraph test in Los Angeles?

John Grogan polygraphPolygraph Los Angeles on a television programBest price on a lie-detection testing in California

818 883-6969  polygraph san fernando valley

Santa Monica polygraph

polygraph testing for reality shows

Smart clients watch the entire examination, from arrival to finish.

Really think an examiner will accept a polygraph bribe?

Run the other way if your examiner won't let you quietly observe.

(We know two examiners who don't want you to know this!)

lie-detector in Downeywatch a polygraph test in Los Angeles   

Behind the scenes on some TV 'contest' shows!

A 'due diligence' polygraph test is part of a background history check   Behind the scenes, some TV show contestants are polygraph tested

Some contestants are part of TV programs because
of something supposedly unique in their backgrounds.

Some lie about their background or history to
be on the show, because of the large prizes.

TV game-show contestants lie to get on TVWe catch them every time!To win prizes on TV shows, some contestants lie about their background

We can polygraph-test before you form a partnership or make a large investment

tv POLYGRAPH Polygraph John Grogan polygraph tstingtv POLYGRAPH

polygraph test near me Los Angeles
818 883-6969

using a polygraph test for sports contest winners in Los Angeles

polygraph on television

For court cases, we have proven that other Examiners did not follow Federal guidelines!

Complete Los Angeles polygraph test $145 Los Angeles polygraph test price secret  Pay $145 for a polygraph test in Los Angeles

Affordable $145 Certified Polygraph Examinations,
Training and Lectures Nationwide since the 1980s

polygraph for marriage in Los Angeles  filming a lie-detector test in Los Angeles

You've seen our work on talk-shows: Jimmy Kimmel -
Tyra Banks - Chelsea Handler - Sally Jesse Raphael - Leeza -
Adam Carolla - Wendy Williams - The Real - The Test -
- Home and Family - Kathy Griffin - Nikki Glaser - and more!

We have been testing since the
Polygraph testing since the 1980s.

Call 818 883-6969 for more $145 information and scheduling.

Santa Ana lie detector
We have done more than any other Examiner!

Which would you choose?

accuracy rate of polygraph
A part-time polygraph examiner,
or a full-time polygraph examiner?

We have on air polygraph test done many
MTV and VH-1 TV show episodes!

lie-detector Frazier Park CA             lie-detection in Aqua Dulce CA

Would you like to know the
#1 lie that polygraph examiners tell you
when you call around for prices?

Ask them "How long will the actual polygraphing take?"

To hide their high price-quotes, some examiners will tell you:
"A complete polygraph exam will take two hours or more."

polygraph test in Santa Clarita  or   lie-detection in Newhall CA ?

But the truth is:
Doesn't matter which examiner you go to,
the person being polygraphed will be
ON THE POLYGRAPH, answering Yes or No
questions, for just THREE 5-MINUTE charts.

Most of the rest of the '2 hours' would just be talk.

A lot of examiners clearly do not want you to know this.

Some feel you would be shocked by their high price quote if you knew
that the actual polygraphing (when the arm is being squeezed by
a blood-pressure cuff)
time is actually just three 5-minute periods.

Analog polygraph instruments took a lot longer to do a test, having
to continually adjust paper, fix ink problems, and constant writing
notes on the paper. Much faster with modern computer polygraphs.

Most of the rest of this time, the longest part, is the 'talk time'.
It is helping you to write what 3 or 4 questions you want asked.

Proper instruction is to have you think about, and write down, your questions
before you come in, and will help you make them perfect when you arrive.

KNOW THIS SECRET: The 30 minutes or more of thought
you put into the questions you write at home equals 30 minutes
or more less time you need to be at the examiner's office.

Your relationship polygraph exam will take less than one hour if your
one-to-four questions are written down on paper before you come in.

bodybuilder steroids polygraph test for Los Angeles

TV producers have used us for more TV show 'pilots' than any other Examiner

schedule a Los Angeles polygraph test

Many examiners forget to tell you this before you come in for your test--
and that's a bad mistake.

Drink water an hour
Palmdale lie-detector test before the testing.

Here's why.
An important part of a polygraph test is measuring moisture changes at the fingertips.
On warm and hot days, especially by afternoon, a person may have already
'sweated out' more water than they took in that day, leaving them 'dehydrated'.

(The green wiggly line Lancaster California lie-detector test is the finger-moisture changes)

If at the start of testing the examiner detects dehydration,
there are only two special ways to properly handle that issue.
If not done correctly at this point, the test's accuracy is destroyed

818 883-6969

Which do you choose?

1. free polygraph report Los Angeles CA no charge for a written polygraph report  -or-   2. client can watch a Los Angeles polygraph examination

Choose either:
1- a free 4-page written report, or 2- watch the exam as it happens!

Our polygraph tests have been used in criminal, civil and military court cases

there are 3 polygraph question types: irrelevant, relevant and controlThere is typically 20 questions in between polygraph questionsPolygraph questions must be answered Yes or No
Answer with your mouth only during a polygraph examcomputer polygraph screenpolygraph notes

818 883-6969

dicuss polygraph details

More than 30 years of polygraph experience - more than 8000 completed exams

Expert in all Federal lie-detection techniques

More than on-air polygraph test TV/radio/newspaper/media situations

 polygraph on television  Polygraph exam Los Angeles open 7 days
Los Angeles polygraph guy on TV
Los Angeles TV polygraph secrets

Verbal results IMMEDIATELY

A 4-page written report can be made same-day
OR you can quietly watch the exam live: you choose!

many polygraph episodes are filmed in Los Angeles        prop suppy for polygraph scenes

We get called to repair other Examiner's mistakes, for TV & in real-life

No other examiner has done as many immigration polygraph
tests for Federal court immigration/asylum cases as we have.

For an immigration matter, CLICK HERE for our ImmigrationPolygraph website
Immigration polygraph test Los Angeles

Our website gets an incredible amount of client visits every day.

But guess who else visits our site often,
as proven by IP-address-logging technology?

Our competitors: other lie-detector in Alhambra local polygraph examiners!

They threatened 10 years ago to interfere with our business if
we didn't go along with the group's decision to keep prices high.

It was an illegal price-fixing agreement-- we said to Get Lost.
Now their high prices have made them get 'day jobs'.

Whether you pay $145 or pay $445, it's the same polygraph test--
the computerized polygraph equipment doesn't know how much you paid!

Plus, most examiners don't have even HALF
of our more than thirty years of experience.

818 883-6969   polygraph test LaHabra California   
Los Angeles lie-detector testing Northridge polygraph test

Beverly Hills polygraph testLie-detection in Beverly HillsSanta Monica polygraph tst

We assist   lie-detection for indigent clients of public defenders  Public Defenders
with their indigent clients

Ventura polygraph lowest price quote

certified polygraph examiner in Los Angeles
Polygraph test Los Angeles protecting you from fraudulent examiners testing polygraph in Los Angeles for 25 years experience  $145 Los Angeles polygraph test

Did you see a recent television reality show where an examiner
used antique 'analog' polygraph equipment, and that examiner
could not determine if the examinee was telling the truth or not?
Next, the producers called us in to do testing with modern equipment,
and solid results were immediately obtained.

polygraph thumbs up

Claim of a SCRAM anklet false-positive signal? Test with a polygraph.

ONLY American Polygraph Association, PEOA, ASTM, Federal and more approved techniques are used

ASTM polygraph       Polygraph Examiners Of America        American Polygraph Academy

We protect you from fraudulent examiners- overpriced examiners- inexperienced examiners!

Our polygraph tests have been used in school board hearings

the best Los Angeles polygraph examiner

Los Angeles polygraph tests are so accurate that you must pass one to become a police officer in Los Angeles

Polygraph is so accurate that you can not become a police officer or
deputy sheriff in California without passing a polygraph examination!

You've seen our work on many reality TV shows . . .

cost for a Los Angeles polygraph examination
location for a Los Angeles polygraph test

We were hired to
Promotional polygraph testing fot lie-detection TV shows do the real-life
promotional polygraph exams
promoting this TV show!

Our immigration-polygraph tests have been used for many Federal cases

San Fernando polygraph testGranada Hills polygraph test

Polygraph Examiner John Grogan   818 883-6969

We have also attended two training academies for another type
of lie-detection that is less-popular, known as 'voice-stress testing'.
Certified for both types of testing, we say: use regular polygraph.

From a recent undercover TV show:

accredited Los Angeles polygraph test

We have also polygraph-tested in jails, prisons, and state mental hospitals

Same-day 7-days appointments available for most test-types -- Multiple examiners available

John Grogan the Polygraph Examiner   find lowest price on polygraph testLowst possible price on a Los Angeles polygraph test   John Grogan is the Los Angeles polygraph examiner

Did you know that one TV-show family
cannot use us for their on-air filmed tests--
because we confidentially do their real-life polygraph testing?!

Team Team Polygraph America member Los Angeles Member

We do many polygraphs for military personnel who
failed a 'pee-test' but claim to truly have used no drug

Did you see our
polygraph examinations used

lie-detector test in Duarte California

for Wendy William's
relationship television show?

We have adminstered fact-verification polygraph examinations

polyaph test agouragr  polygraph test simi valley  polygraph test thousand oaks  

as part of the due-diligence for popular celebrity magazines

Or perhaps your situation similar to any of these:

SUCCESS! "Other examiners told me they charge a lot more because they do more of a test.
That was a lie. I had my girlfriend tested at three polygraph places. You all gave her the same scores.
But only you let me watch the test. And you were half the price!" - Former fiance' who now has the truth

SUCCESS! "Your polygraph report was used today as evidence
in my US (armed service) admin separation hearing.
After failing a 'pee test', I had to prove that I did
not knowingly use any drug or I would be kicked out.
My JAG attorney had only your report to help me.
It was accepted as evidence, and I was cleared. Thank you." - US serviceman

SUCCESS! "I wanted the price for a business-related polygraph test.
I would have used the first one I called-- but she ended the call by telling me to not use you.
I told her I called for information from her on her, not on others.
So, I called you, you did my test well, and I quickly had a 4-page professional report." - Businessman who is in the news

SUCCESS! "My teen son was accused of unwanted sexual talking to a teen girl at school.
You testified before the School Board District Hearing that was likely going to make him change schools.
Your report and testimony proved to the Board that my son was truthful!" - a very thankful father of a teen

Our polygraph tests have been used in administrative hearings

We charged $395 before greatly-reducing our prices to polygraph chatsworth.
But many examiners still try to charge the old pre-recession high prices.

Do you know why prices got to be so high for a polygraph test?

It's becauseNeed the price for a Los Angeles polygraph examcharging high prices
is taught beginning with the first day of polygraph school.

Polygraph schools promote the idea that if
you complete their 8 to 10 week course,
you will be able to charge customers the same hourly amount that
attorneys need to go to law school for four years to be able to charge

price differences on Los Angeles polygraph tests     reasonable price quote on a Los Angeles lie-detector test

Think of how much you get paid per hour.
Some polygraph test pricing is gouging.

Our polygraph tests have been used in State and Federal cases

We know examiners who lie by telling you
that their testing has been used in court.

Our tests really have been used in court.

los angeles polygraph in court   professional polygraph examiner for Los Angeles court testify polygraph in Los Angeles court

818 883-6969

We have done private testing for more celebrities than any other Examiner

Milo Speriglio, Private Polygrapher and Private DetectiveMilo Speriglio, polygraph instructorPolygraph expert Milo Speriglio analog instrumentthe great Milo Speriglio

M, your polygraph knowledge, support and inspiration was everlasting.

polygraph examinations in 1990s     to imrove polygraph test accuracy in Los Angeles areaSonce 1980s, polygraph testing in Los Angeles

Occasionally, someone mentions
our 1990's John Grogan polygraph stalking case lie detector California episodes!

We developed the polygraph compliance-testing format for marijuana dispensaries

Los Angeles polygraph examinations available weekends

We refused to participate in the 'keep prices high' polygraph price-fixing scheme!

Grogan Polygraph began in 1980s   Los Angeles lie-detector testing  chatsworth polygraph test

CERTIFIED Computerized 'Lie Detection' Testing available for:

  • Personal polygraph, relationship polygraph, family issues polygraph, infidelity, immigration/asylum, school/academic
  • All civil polygraph and criminal polygraph, including theft, robbery, vandalism, abuse, youth/teen, drugs
  • PCSOT, sex offender polygraph, SVP, parole and probation polygraph, CONREP, military, LifeStyle/FullScope

    experienced polygraph examiner in Los Angeles California  television polygraph in Los Angeles with John Grogan
    Promoting the CBS-TV polygraph show 'The Test' with host Kirk Fox

    Was there a MedTox false-positive? Test with polygraph.

    Behind the camera too: as Technical Consultant for many projects

    Superior Court  polygraph tests in Los Angeles court  judges have
    ordered persons to come to us for polygraph tests!

    Our polygraph tests have been used in probation and parole hearings

    Our polygraph test won the
    TV lie-detector challenge!

    Best polygraph in Los Angeles  Best polygraph in Los Angeles

    A retired FBI behavior analyst tried to detect 'bluffing' when done by professional poker players.
    He failed.

    A body-language expert tried to detect 'bluffing' when done by professional poker players.
    She failed.

    John, a polygraph expert, tried to detect 'bluffing' when done by professional poker players.
    He succeeded!

    Only the polygraph examiner was able to determine
    when the professional poker players were bluffing.

    And that polygraph examiner can test for you!

    Rideshare polygraph tests

    Lyft polygraph testing
    For a rideshare business matter,
    CLICK HERE for our RideSharePolygraph website

    valecia polygraph

    Which do you choose?

    1. free polygraph report Los Angeles CA no charge for a written polygraph report  -or-   2. client can watch a Los Angeles polygraph examination

    Choose either:
    1- a free 4-page written report, or 2- watch the exam as it happens!

    Use a polygraph test if there is a DCFS
    Department of Children and Family Services complaint

    test for truthrelationship polygraph testpolygraphs are very accurate
    many polygraphs
    polygraph looking backtest accuratelyVan Nuys polygraph test

    TV polygraph is often recreated with the real test not filmed

    We have tested for many PCSOT sex-offender matters

    Reality show polygraph testing in Los Angeles
    infidelity lie-detection
GUARANTEED best rates on computerized polygraph examinations! At your location or at ours.

On 'NCIS', 'CSI: New York' and 'Lie To Me' you have seen examples
of our polygraph expertise and assistance on television action dramas!

Superior Court  polygraph tests in Los Angeles court  judges have
issued court-orders to jails and prisons to allow
us to enter to conduct polygraph examinations!

Soberlink false-positive signal? Test with a polygraph.

Polygraph is measuring microscopic changes to the body as it answers Yes or No question.
It measures blood changes, electrodermal activity changes,
upper breathing changes, and lower breathing changes.
The examinee must sit completely still;
examinees moving on TV are typically 're-creations'.

Police departments pay Examiners less than $200 to do long pre-employment exams;
so why do the same Examiners charge the public more for shorter relationship tests?

A polygraph report testing-security insertion
that only we optionally make available--
(we bet that other polygraph examiners will now try to copy it!)

fair and honest lie-detector tests in Los Angeles CA  A photo of the examinee can be  honest polygraph examiner in Los Angeles
inserted into the report as to prevent 'use of friend' worries.

Important: when doing a polygraph test about a Department of Children and Family Services
(DCSF) child abuse accusation, be sure to request that an imbedded photo be used.

(Sample photos above were identity-censor-barred here to provide privacy;
they are not censor-barred if optionally inserted into report.)

Teenager polygraph tests
polygraph test teenager
can sometimes improve a family matter

polygraph recreation filmed in a studio
polygraph results thumbs uplie-detector grouppolygraph results thumbs down

TV studios must use the best examiner due to liability reasons; you can use the same examiner!

818 883-6969

Several nationwide TV commercials and promotions, including:

nationwide advertising with polygraph test

Homeland polygraphpolygraph promotional eventpolygraph in advertising
polygraph tv commercials
lie-detection promotional event John Grogancelebrity polygraph testing

We are also long-time Polygraph Instructors

(Old videos about  Complete polygraph testing for $145  polygraph tests)

Polygraph has become more accurate every year--
thanks to expensive government development for six decades!

  San Bernardino CA lie-detector<1986 thru 2006         Current>Laguna Beach lie-detection test

The polygraph academy operated by the US government
is where polygraph is studied and improved on every year.
Their Federal 12-week polygraph course teaches agents from more than
thirty federal agencies continually through the year, year after year.

1951 through 1985, it was the US Army Polygraph School.
1986, it became Dod-PI, Department of Defense Polygraph Institute.
2007, it became DACA, Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment.
2010 til now, it is NCCA, National Center for Credibility Assessment.

This research helps your matter to get the truth.

San Fernando Valley polygraph tests for the publicpolygraph test Burbank Glendale

Allegations of cheating on a school examination.
High school or college, it can stay in the student's permanent record.

We have tested for such allegations
for the students and their families
of many high schools and universities.

We have tested more 'Housewives of . . . ' than all other Examiners have combined!

lie-detector tests of television reality show actors

We've done several polygraph TV shows that other examiners list as having done;
after being interviewed, producers chose to not use them and to use us instead, yet
their websites falsely say they were used as 'technical consultants' for those shows!

reality polygraph 1reality polygraph 2reality polygraph 6
reality polygraph 6reality polygraph 4reality polygraph 7
reality polygraph 3reality polygraph 8

For actual testing, we only use modern computerized polygraph equipment
(the 'antique-style' polygraphs look good on TV but have far less accuracy)

No other examiner in our area has our experience level.

John Grogan polygraph examiner    Thousand Oaks polygraph      Granada Hills polygraph test

But worse, many polygraph examiners lie about their actual hands-on experience.

Many polygraph examiners who claim to have
ten years of polygraph experience, they are lying.

Actually, they have owned their polygraph
equipment for ten years but used it very little.

Look at it this way: If you drove a car once a week
for ten years, that is NOT ten years of driving.

Many did a one exam per week --or one per month-- during that ten years.
So actually,
those persons only have ONE YEAR of actual experience,
spread out over ten years.

most experienced polygraph examiner Los Angeles area
We have more than 30 years of lie-detection experience.

Calabasas lie detector test

Glendora polygraph test  polygraph test in Oxnard California  Glendora polygraph test

818 883-6969

Be careful if the written polygraph
report is needed for a serious matter . . .

lie-detector Cathedral City

If you are doing a polygraph to prove something to someone else
(spouse, court, employer), the written report is all you will have to show.

So we advise you tolie-detection Palm Springs    before doing a test.

Only the written report will be prove you were tested.

But what if you passed the test, but the report is so amateur that it looks like junior high?
It happens every day-- not all examiners write reports as good as they do an examination.
If you think the polygraph report looks crummy, so will the person who already doesn't believe you.

We can issue a 4-page report no charge for a written polygraph report that has been scrutinized
in many courts and hearings. Many examiners produce only a one-page report!

Even worse, some examiners offer a free report, but what
arrives is a one-paragraph summary with a note saying
"A more detailed report can be had for $95".

Which do you choose?

1free polygraph report Los Angeles CA no charge for a written polygraph report  -or-   2client can watch a Los Angeles polygraph examination

You make the decision when you choose either:
1- a free 4-page written report, or 2- watch the exam as it happens!

Don't fall for a common polygraph 'trick':

Polygraph examiners who say they are 'mobile' are usually part-timers
who barely do any per week exams and thus can't pay to have an office.

It's not doing you a favor to come to you-- they have no office for you to come to.

Their 'office' is really lie-detection Tustin the back of their car.

Or some try to get you lie-detector test Orange County to go to their house.

If a 'mobile' examiner gives you an office address as theirs,
check it-- it's often a fake or a mailbox place.

All lie-detection training tells that the testing should NOT be at a residence, especially the client's.

If the office doesn't list the examiner's
name on its door, go elsewhere.

   polygraph testing in Westminster CA

Be sure to notice if this 'trick' is played on you:
Some examiners will lie to a caller, telling the caller "Yes, I have a polygraph office".
when you arrive for your test, you see it really is a we-rent-to-anyone-by-the-hour
rental-suite business! This is what part-timers with little experience use.
RUN if this happens.

We have had actual polygraph offices non-stop for almost 30 years.

polygraph marijuana

For a medical marijuana business matter,
CLICK HERE for our MarijuanaPolygraph website

We developed basic guidelines for the regulatory compliance polygraph testing
for the MMRSA Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act
of California
and for other locations that regulate medical/legal marijuana entities

lie-detector marijuana

pay to rent a polygraph

TV and film productions often have need to rent,
call 818 883-6969 for prices and availability.

There are two types of polygraph:

analog polygraph for rent


computerized polygraph for rent

Remember the four price secrets:

1. When the 'recession' came and many people could no longer afford
a $395 polygraph test, we made our prices $145 instead.

2. No other local examiner made such a price discount.
That was their choice. Many went out of business.
Many barely do any exams anymore.

3. Some desperate Examiners instead tried lying to customers
by telling them that they would get a better test if they paid more.

4. But the customers figured out the truth:
it's all computerized, and the polygraph doesn't care how much was paid.

At $145, we don't gouge you-- and that makes some other examiners VERY mad!

Most accurate polygraph test in Los Angeles

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Arizona Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

New York Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

How to get best price on a polygraph price

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Available at your location or at our offices

Experienced :: CERTIFIED :: Most Languages
Court Appointed and Recognized Expert
Traveling nationwide to serve you!

Male and Female Certified Polygraph Examiners
Remote-monitoring available by live-video;
options include videotaping of the examination
More than 8000 examinations completed

los angeles tsting on a polygraph

Multiple examiners to serve you

Test is $145 if about
cheating in a relationship

Polygraph test in Los Angeles for $145

Days, Nights, Weekends: Reasonable Rates-
no additional cost for nights or weekends;
no charge for a written report OR you
can watch the exam live: you choose!

lie detection in Garden Grove

On a Los Angeles polygraph test, how long is the real lie-detector test

Lie-detection testing by John Grogan in Los Angeles on weekends

Also available: Voice Stress Analysis;
micro-expression, body-language; MRI/fMRI;
oculomotor measurement deception detection:
eye pupil diameter increase, dwell time, 
and eye-movement / eye-tracking;
concealed emotion; and PPG-Plethysmograph

prices in writing for Los Angeles lie-detector testing

If you need a test type we do personally
do or in an area we do not cover,
we can provide a quick referral!

certified polygraph examiner in Los Angeles

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Need a free consultation for a Los Angeles lie-detector test?

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Lie-detection test for less than $150 in Los Angeles area
Administering only those testing
techniques approved by all four: 
Polygraph Examiners of America,
American Polygraph Academy,
US Government Polygraph Institute,
and American Polygraph Association

What is the lowest price on a polygraph test in Los Angeles?
VERY ACTIVE member of local, state
and national lie-detection organizations

Polygraph guys, Rest In Peace,
you will be missed:
Chris Gugas
Milo Speriglio
Tom Ezell
Jamie Skeeters
Pat Foy
Ron Decker
Cleve Backster

Never call an examiner not honest enough
to list prices right on the website-- don't fall for
BS 'discount' or '$XX off for new client' claims!
If you think your person might be cheating,
that test is $145: period!

polygraph certified

Polygraph examinations can be conducted
at your location, or at our polygraph locations,
and we also cover:

Anaheim, Garden Grove polygraph, Santa Ana, Buena Park, Folsom polygraph test, polygraph Rocklin,
Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Polygraph, Aliso Viejo,
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lowest prices on a polygraph test in Los Angeles

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